厌倦了每次电脑崩溃都要等待澳门博彩论坛支持? Frustrated with re-explaining problems to a new technician at every call? 担心别的东西会坏掉? 也许是时候转向更好的管理It支持了.

An all-inclusive on-site and remote 澳门博彩论坛服务管理 that provides comprehensive 澳门博彩论坛 support may be the right fit for your Bay Area business or organization.


We know that every businesses' needs are completely different from the next, 因此,澳门博彩资讯提供100%的定制包,任何企业规模或预算. 

电脑专业 doesn't charge you more when your 网络 is down or a server fails. 澳门博彩资讯的固定费率涵盖了所有这些,无论您何时需要完成.

不要再强调网络故障, as our Bay Area managed 澳门博彩论坛 services include around-the-clock monitoring of your computers and 网络 to help prevent problems before they happen.

Part of what makes our on-site and remote managed 澳门博彩论坛 services so exceptional is how fast we are to respond. We guarantee a 1-hour or less response rate by our friendly customer service team during business hours.



澳门博彩论坛外判或内部澳门博彩论坛 *
无论您是否需要澳门博彩资讯外包或与您目前的澳门博彩论坛团队合作.e.在共同管理的澳门博彩论坛领域,澳门博彩资讯很灵活,随时准备提供帮助! Scroll down below to learn more about our 澳门博彩论坛 infrastructure outsourcing options.


We implement safeguards and controlled access to protect cloud applications and resources stored online.


We guarantee a 30-minute response rate by our friendly customer service team.


We actively monitor your equipment remotely, and can quickly detect and take action on any alerts.


We provide around-the-clock intrusion detection, security audits, response to emergencies, 和更多的.


澳门博彩资讯负责澳门博彩论坛,你可以放心了. 一旦发生灾难,澳门博彩资讯会制定一个恢复计划支持你.


PC专业的虚拟首席信息官软件包. 详见下文.

专业人物西装红色图标 虚拟CIO包

电脑专业’s 虚拟首席信息官 (CIO) package provides you with data protection against cyber-attacks and solutions to tackle any 澳门博彩论坛-related issue without acquiring the salary costs of hiring a full-time technician.

作为澳门博彩资讯管理it支持服务的一部分, we will analyze your current 澳门博彩论坛 environment and provide solutions to streamline and enhance your data infrastructure.

Our Technology Assessment is a comprehensive 澳门博彩论坛 audit of your company’s 网络 infrastructure, 流程, and 政策 to generate a detailed report of technological deficiencies and recommendations for improvement.

Our managed 澳门博彩论坛 support for Bay Area clients cover proactive measure to keep you protected from cyber threats.  Our technicians will investigate and expose your company’s potential security vulnerabilities in order to provide the most thoughtful plan of action.

We will set you up with a proactive security tracking to carefully monitor your system for potential threats with regular testing to confirm 服务器 and backup solutions are fully functioning in case of failure.

Through our partnerships with industry leading manufacturers such as Microsoft, we are dedicated to delivering the best price and service possible for the products deemed critical to your company’s architecture.

战略计划是基于你的预算来执行的, 投影的增长, 客户和员工需求, 以及你的业务的具体目标.

澳门博彩资讯评估组织的所有部门并提供软件 & hardware solutions to make your workflow more efficient and adaptable to your every-changing environment.

Does on-site and remote managed 澳门博彩论坛 services sound like a solution that could help your team right now?

澳门博彩论坛外包图标 澳门博彩论坛外包

当你外包给澳门博彩资讯的时候 we guide and assist on every aspect of your 澳门博彩论坛 — from purchasing new hardware and 软件, 能够远程管理和现场工程师工作.

除了, 澳门博彩资讯也可以作为你的澳门博彩论坛部门, supplementing short-handed staff and offering subcontracting services that suit your current needs. 在电脑专业, we strive to make sure that your 澳门博彩论坛 helps your organization be the best it can be!


We manage the details of each project and the steps required to make sure it gets done so you don't have to.

澳门博彩资讯的远程监控将收集您的设备的健康状态, 网络, and computers with activity reports and automates scheduled maintenance tasks.

Clients can submit any ticket items through the client portal on our website, which automatically creates a ticket for our team to address and escalates issues to the appropriate personnel to handle. 澳门博彩资讯对所有的票务项目都能快速做出反应.

澳门博彩资讯为您的个人电脑提供例行检查, 网络, 打印机, 以及其他硬件,以确保设备顺利运行.

安全审计是基于您的澳门博彩论坛基础设施定制的. 它们对于验证策略的有效性非常重要, 清理和减少任何不必要的硬件或软件的成本, 检查组织的法规遵从性, 和更多的.

We check to make sure your data is set up for successful recovery and transfer with a specific data backup/archive operation.

We oversee the overall operational effectiveness of your organization by examining key components including but not limited to routers, 防火墙, 服务器, 用户设备/电脑, 数据存储, 软件, 流程, 政策, 员工培训, 和云服务.

澳门博彩资讯有优秀的用户支持和客户服务! 您是否需要澳门博彩资讯远程或现场解决问题, we will do everything we can to make sure your end users get the help and resources they need.


如果你想发展一个组织或一个企业, 但澳门博彩论坛行业正在阻碍这一进程, 也许是时候外包了. High turnover from techs and constantly needing to find specialized help for skill gaps can be signs that techs are overworked, 外包对你来说是个不错的选择. Partnering with 电脑专业 means that you have an entire team at your fingertips, 四十多年的经验来帮助你. 电脑专业帮助澳门博彩论坛与你的组织一起成长,而不是对抗它.


外包为员工减轻了澳门博彩论坛方面的压力, especially when remote service and the 24/7 helpdesk support is only a call away. 减少的压力使人员流动减少,士气高涨, 最重要的是, the savings from outsourcing mean that you don’t have to agonize over hard payroll decisions like cutting employee benefits.


外包为员工减轻了澳门博彩论坛方面的压力, especially when remote service and the 24/7 helpdesk support is only a call away. 减少的压力使人员流动减少,士气高涨, 最重要的是, the savings from outsourcing mean that you don’t have to agonize over hard payroll decisions like cutting employee benefits. 让每个人都开心,做真正重要的事情.


如有紧急问题,请致电 510-874-5871



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