If you’re a business owner or planning to open a new business, 你可能已经研究过澳门博彩论坛支持选项. 对于那些不熟悉澳门博彩论坛支持世界的人, it can be confusing trying to figure out which option is best for your business. You might be interested in the most cost-efficient option but worry that it won’t offer enough support. Maybe you have looked at more extensive options and wondered what is truly necessary for your company’s needs.

It can be problematic to look at cost alone to decide which option is best for you. 确定澳门博彩论坛需求时, there are three predominant options – that all come with different benefits and drawbacks – to consider before factoring in the cost of the company.


Those in the industry who use the time-and-materials option are often referred to as “break-fix services.” This essentially means that you pay an agreed-upon hourly rate for a technician to “fix” a problem when something “breaks.” Many people like this option because it is the most straightforward and simple way to pay for 澳门博彩论坛 assistance, but it often doesn’t work in your favor and can even lead you to pay more for basic services.

The only time that I would recommend the time-and-materials approach is if you already have a competent 澳门博彩论坛 person or team proactively managing your 澳门博彩论坛 and you need additional support for a problem that your current 澳门博彩论坛 team doesn’t have the expertise to handle. 在破坏修复模型下, you’ll find a fundamental conflict of interest between you and your 澳门博彩论坛 firm. The 澳门博彩论坛 company has no immediate need to stabilize your network because they are getting paid hourly. Computer networks absolutely need ongoing maintenance and monitoring to stay secure – something the break-fix model cannot supply.


在这个选项中, the 澳门博彩论坛 services company takes over the role of your in-house 澳门博彩论坛 department for a fixed and agreed-upon monthly rate. 他们会安装, 支持和维护所有用户, devices and PCs that are connected to your network on a routine basis. They will even take care of your hardware and software needs for an extra cost. This model works for many businesses because it allows them to plan for 澳门博彩论坛 services in their monthly budget and provides the business with routine maintenance and 澳门博彩论坛 support that they will need. 与 澳门博彩论坛服务管理 由托管服务提供者提供的, you need to pay attention to the services they deliver for their monthly fees. Sometimes your needs may cost extra or the services you truly need are simply not offered.

It’s my sincere belief that the managed 澳门博彩论坛 approach is undoubtedly the most cost-effective and intelligent option for any business. Managed 澳门博彩论坛 services are all about protecting your business from 澳门博彩论坛-related problems while keeping your systems up and running. In our current age, cybercriminals are working around the clock, trying to gather valuable data. Hiring a managed services provider will help protect your business and prevent common “disasters” such as rogue employees, 失去了的设备, 硬件故障, 火灾, natural disasters and a host of other issues that can interrupt or outright destroy your 澳门博彩论坛 infrastructure and the data it holds.


The final option that you will run into on your hunt for 澳门博彩论坛 support is companies offering technology as a service. These companies offer everything that 澳门博彩论坛服务管理 offer but with the addition of new hardware, 软件和支持. This service ensures that your business is always up-to-date with the newest technologies. 你需要仔细阅读细则, though since many of these companies do not cover third-party software. The greatest benefit of technology as a service is that you’ll avoid the heavy cost of new hardware and software when you need it, but you will be paying far more for the same hardware and software over time.

Choosing the correct form of 澳门博彩论坛 support for your company is incredibly important and something you want to attend to. 错误可能会对你的生意造成灾难性的影响. If you’re unsure of which model will work best for you, give us a call. We’d be glad to help you find the perfect 澳门博彩论坛 support for your business. 安排您的免费咨询.