Giving Back to Communities in Need

电脑专业's VP of Technical 服务, 杰里米 Coleman teamed together with his wife, 凯利(Etsy店主的 凯利的集合)提供 easy-to-make protective face masks for SF Bay Area's most needy populations. 杰里米背后的信息 & his wife’s endeavor was to encourage out-of-the-box thinking and resourcefulness.

colorful surgical face masks

“If every business can think outside of what they normally do to serve their clients and pull their resources together, we can generate so many more solutions and make a real impact.”

- 杰里米 Coleman, VP of Technical 服务, 电脑专业

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杰里米 and Kelly have created 300 masks which only take about 10 minutes each, all the while connecting local communities with resources to those in need. Bay Area Community 服务 (BACS) was thrilled to receive 120 masks donated to them through 杰里米’s coordination with Pleasanton Medical Mask Sewers 和布伦特伍德的 接缝等帮助, two major 脸谱网 groups who are connecting healthcare professionals to volunteers who can make personal protective equipment (PPE) or deliver them directly.

Although these masks do not guarantee effectiveness to the same degree as N-95 masks, what they do provide is an influence on social behavior. An increase in home-made masks will ensure medical-grade masks are prioritized for medical professionals who are in dire supply. 除了, home-made masks will deflect wearers from touching their faces, thereby reducing the spread of bacteria. Furthermore, they provide people with a sense of safety and calm, which is invaluable at this time.

杰里米 and Kelly’s masks are cleverly designed with a detachable plastic covering. By using Velcro sides by the ears, 它们很容易清洗, 重用, and remove without needing to touch the face. 你可以 download a copy of the template here 在家创造一个! 杰里米 & Kelly's story is an inspiration to businesses everywhere, all with unique resources and connections for something valuable to offer.

帮助杰瑞米 & 凯利基金更多口罩

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杰里米 & Kelly have received over 600 emails across the country from hospitals, 老年人家庭, 监狱, and nursing groups who are in desperate need of masks.

To scale up and support their innovative idea, 电脑专业 has set up a GoFundMe page, with a goal to raise $10,000:

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The funds will be used to pay for materials such as shields and fabric for volunteers to sew, and shipping to locations across America.



凯利的集合 is a 5-Star Etsy shop by Kelly Coleman, providing custom-designed t-shirts and scrunchies from Brentwood, CA. To check out her unique selection of apparel and accessories, please 点击这里 访问她的网站.

Kelly is accepting donation requests for protective masks. If you would like to place a request, please send an email to



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Jamie Almanza, MBA, CEO of BACS

“The supply of these masks is going to all of our staff on the front lines, and directly to our most vulnerable populations like at our Medical Respite Program – a rehabilitation center that provides housing, 食物, 卫生, and other vital resources for homeless individuals who have just been discharged following hospitalization for severe illness or injury. They will enable us to provide our clients with the help they need to stay off the streets, and ultimately save lives.”

- Jamie Almanza, CEO of Bay Area Community 服务


BACS is a local non-profit doing “whatever it takes” to uplift the community, 帮助超过100人,自1953年以来,000人, that supports people experiencing mental health crises, 住房危机, 和其他危机.

Please 点击这里 to leave a donation. Any amount you can offer is appreciated.

If you are interested in volunteering for their cause, please contact Nora at -

了解更多关于BACS的信息: 网站 | 脸谱网 | LinkedIn | 推特